Pretends to be shocked about racism in the lesbian community or basically any community (NSFW)

Ok technically im pan and technically im black. Yes dear shook people I am a Pansexual , black woman with acne looking for love. Yes I live in a small mostly white country ¬†where people are ok with me being the black acquaintance but never their lover. Dare i try to date someone online and let them know im black my oh my do the tables turn. Honestly people get shook by the concept of black pussy it frighten’s white society so much. Yes I know there are successful interracial-lesbian etc couples out there and blah blah blah. But in this tiny white ass country can a hoe get some pussy without being racially blocked out. Ohh yes this applies to dick as well. You would think the lgbt community is a safer place for POC but hell no white pussy is the answer to every bodies desire. Idgaf what colour the pussy/dick/etc I eat is but can I get a fair chance at life it’s hard enough being human. Why do I even hope that one day people are not going to get freaked out by me in this small ass white ass country. What is this life I need a fucking holiday.